Metaliteracy learning objectives inform UAlbany’s new general education learning objectives

The University at Albany recently made the decision to include four general education competencies within each major. This change, which will take effect for the fall 2014 semester, moves information literacy, critical thinking, oral discourse, and upper level writing (now called advanced writing in the major), from a course-based model to infusion within the major.

As would be expected, many, many task force, committee, and council meetings were part of the process, both leading up to this change in how these competencies are taught, and then developing the supporting structure, including the learning objectives for each. Because departments are mandated to do this but don’t necessarily feel prepared to do so, it has provided an excellent opportunity for information literacy librarians and bibliographers to have meaningful conversations with faculty members about what information literacy really is. And it also provided an opportunity to include elements of metaliteracy into these new learning objectives.

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