Metaliterate Learner Roles

Metaliterate learner

The Metaliterate Learner

(Click here for an interactive version of this figure that incorporates the questions linked below.)

The metaliterate learner is willing and able to assume roles connected with information production and integration. These roles range from participant and communicator to author, producer, publisher, and teacher, among others. Envisioning oneself in these roles and then actually assuming these roles expands the idea of empowerment. While some students may have access to technology devices and awareness of online platforms, they often do not see themselves as active contributors. Learners must be prepared with the mindset and abilities to undertake these roles successfully and to be aware of the responsibilities associated with active and meaningful contributions to these social environments.

There are sets of questions connected to each learner role that you might like to share with students, or consider for yourself or for your teaching. Here are the questions we developed. We welcome comments or suggestions for additional questions that might help to encourage learners to consider their roles.











(Developed 2018 by Trudi Jacobson, Tom Mackey, and Kelsey O’Brien.)

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