Metaliteracy Badging System

The Metaliteracy badging system is a project of the Metaliteracy Learning Collaborative, which is composed of librarians, disciplinary faculty members, and instructional designers from State University of New York (SUNY) institutions, currently including the University at Albany and SUNY Empire State College,  with former members from Fulton Montgomery Community College and Monroe Community College. The Collaborative was funded in 2012 by an Innovative Instructional Technology Grant, awarded by the SUNY Provost’s office. The University at Albany provided support in 2014 to continue work on the system, in order to offer a rich learning tool for its students. As an OpenSUNY project, the content is available for use by students throughout the SUNY system and beyond.

It is based on the Metaliteracy Goals and Learning Objectives, which are available on this site. Learners who are working towards the four top badges: Master Evaluator, Producer & Collaborator, Digital Citizen, and Empowered Learner, must explore a substantial number of topics, and provide evidence of their mastery of each area, as well as their ability to synthesize and extrapolate from what they have learned and created. Each submission for a quest or a challenge on the way to a badge is reviewed by an educator, and revisions are often needed. It takes significant time and effort to be awarded each of the four badges.  To be awarded the ultimate Metaliteracy badge is a mark of extensive learning involving knowledge, reflection, self-awareness, and increased abilities.

We encourage you to explore and use the badge content, which is available independent of the badging system. The badging system currently requires affiliation with the University at Albany, but we are happy to provide guest access to educators. Please contact Kelsey O’Brien for more information.

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