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Use this space to submit open educational resources to share with other instructors who are using the framework of Metaliteracy in their classrooms. Share what has worked, what hasn’t, and get feedback!

Student Reflection Form (Metaliteracy domains and roles, Information Literacy frame dispositions, and searching for sources)

I am using this submittable form in my Information Literacy course for students to reflect on the metaliteracy learning domains, Framework dispositions, and metaliteracy’s Learner as Teacher role. It would work in any course in which students have been introduced to the four learning domains and have an assignment to find sources for a project. One student response to the question, What did you learn from considering your responses about the domains? shows the value of thinking through these items:

I learned that I am much more thoughtful, thorough, and capable of connecting different concepts than initially believed before.

4 thoughts on “Assignments and Exercises

  1. We (Amber Hunt and Adam Franklin-Lyons from Marlboro College) presented on this assignment this past summer at the NELIG conference. The assignment represents a metaliteracy method because it encourages students to learn how to figure out new resources rather than simply the skill of learning a specific current resource. By allowing students to choose between a range of resources, this assignment gives students the opportunity to learn the basics and then figure out how the resource is relevant to their own work. They often pick resources that are already at least related to their areas of interest. For the screencasts, we used screencast-o-matic, but there are a number of different fairly easy to use softwares to make this work. most CMS systems (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard) can accept direct video uploads in a discussion forum, which is how we had students turn in the assignment (some also allow direct recording of video within the forum response).

    Here is a copy of the assignment as we present it to the students:

    Major Resource Screencast

    Choose a resource from the list below and prepare a 5-8 minute screencast about the resource for your classmates

    Required information to include in your presentation:
    What can you find in the resource?
    What are the different ways to search/use the resource?
    Who is responsible for the creation of the resource?
    How, if at all, is the resource connected to the rest of Marlboro’s library resources?

    Additional information to consider including if applicable:
    What cannot be found in the resource that you expected to find?
    Dates of coverage
    Search limitations
    Searching tips/strategies
    How well does Zotero work with the resource?
    What sorts of training/help pages are available?

    If you want to contact us about it:

  2. I am teaching a blended course in conjunction with the Metaliteracy MOOC that is just winding down. The MOOC has drawn about 550 participants from all over the world, primarily information professionals.My students are participating in the MOOC itself, but also have classroom time. For one of these in-person sessions shortly after Bryan Alexander’s and Nicola Allain’s MOOC Talk on digital storytelling, I asked students to create a digital story that connected their talk with another in the series, or with the course itself. Ibrahim Musa, a senior, did just this, and is willing to have his story shared. He was careful to use resources that have appropriate Creative Commons licenses, and has provided a list of credits at the end.

    Trudi Jacobson

  3. Hi, was wondering if this MOOC is defunct or still ongoing. I have registered, gotten a password, but it appears everything I am seeing is old (2013-2014 or mid 2015).

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