Each question or set of questions is labeled with its associated learning domain(s): A for affective, B for behavioral, C for cognitive, M for metacognitive.

  • Have you organized a collection of resources on a particular topic? Do you curate content by using bookmarking tools or platforms? Have you shared this curated content, using social platforms such as Pinterest, to help others find information on the topic? Have you added your own annotations to curated resources to guide users on the value and quality of the content? (B)
  • Have you compiled diverse outside resources to create something new? (B)  Have you provided appropriate attribution to the original content creators? (B,C)
  • Have you remixed or modified existing content into a new format, being mindful of permissions granted by the owner of the original content? For example, have you created a collage, slideshow, or video that incorporates images, music, or text from other creators? (B,C)
  • Do you produce and share your own user-generated content such as selfies, digital images, video, or multimedia? (B)  Is this information developed informally for fun or have you also created and distributed your own content in more formal ways to tell a story, offer advice, support a research project, or teach peers and colleagues? (B,C)
  • Have you reflected on the intersection of informal and formal learning and the ways that your own content may be valuable to others by demonstrating how knowledge is produced and shared online? (C,M)
  • When sharing your own content online, do you consider who can access it, whether it is private and/or public, and if the web site you are using will share it with others beyond your own network of friends? Have you read the privacy policies of the website you are using to create and distribute your content? (B,C)
  • Are you familiar with the Creative Commons for searching and sharing openly licensed content? Have you reviewed the different kinds of Creative Commons licenses for sharing and attributing user-generated content? (B,C)
  • Do you tend to refrain from producing content due to concerns about how it will be received by others? (A,B) Have you reflected on the potential benefits for others if you share this content? (M) Have you consulted with others to get their opinions on revising the content to address concerns? (A,B)

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