• Do you consider yourself a publisher of information, as distinct from an author or producer of information? What does being a publisher mean to you?
  • Where have you published information? Consider online platforms as well as traditional venues.
  • Have you ever curated or compiled information for an audience? Have you ever aggregated digital information such as links to resources for an audience via social media? Is this publishing?
  • Has the information you’ve published gone through an editorial review process? Who is doing the review and what implications does that have?
  • How do you make decisions about what information to publish? Have you considered the benefits or ramifications if the information ends up being shared more broadly than you intended?
  • Have you ever created a blog or tumblr where other people contribute? Do you have a review process that you have used or created? How do you decide which contributions to include?
  • Have you ever been an editor for a school newspaper, magazine, yearbook, or other publication?
  • Have you ever self-published your work? What elements might be missing when self-publishing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing?
  • Do technology platforms (such as Facebook) impact how published information is understood?