(from one audience to another, or one format to another)

  • Do you have expertise in an area of study, hobby, or interest? Have you used this knowledge to make information more understandable to an audience that may not have the same expertise?
  • Are you proficient with software or applications that could be used to turn written information into another format that might appeal to some learners? For example, if you have the ability to use a graphic design program, are there ways you could translate information for visual learners?
  • Do you have abilities such as drawing or singing? Have you translated information into a totally different form and shared it with others?
  • Have you considered that a global audience might benefit from your translation? How might you take this into consideration?
  • Have you run into situations where the format, depth, or specialization of content has limited your ability to understand? If so, have you thought about how it might be changed to address your needs?
  • Have you experienced artistic forms of expression that were translated or adapted from other artistic forms? Can you think of specific examples? How did the particular medium or format impact the translation of ideas? How did it change? What elements of the original stayed the same?

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