• Have you worked on a project with a team of friends, colleagues, or peers to achieve a specific set of goals or objectives? What did you learn from everyone else and what did you teach them?
  • Have you ever been part of a sports team, or partnered with colleagues at work or school to achieve a common goal? Have you reflected on the strategies developed to be successful and to have fun while learning something new?
  • Did you ever get together with friends to play a board game, online game, or virtual game to achieve a set of goals? What are the specific strategies that your team developed to successfully win the game? How did you work together to define and achieve a set of goals? Have you ever reflected on how we learn from each other and teach others in both informal and formal settings?
  • Reflect on how you engage with people online and via social media. Are these experiences individual and/or collaborative? How have you ever been a collaborator online? How have you worked with others to achieve goals, create a virtual experience or make something, such as a collaborative image or multimedia presentation, and share information or knowledge? What were some of the challenges encountered as part of this collaboration? What were some of the rewards?
  • How is an individual selfie different from a group selfie? How is an individual post different from an online thread or conversation? How do the results of teamwork and collaboration change with input from different and varied voices?
  • How are your collaborations and experiences with teamwork similar and/or different in your online and offline experiences? What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating online, offline, and/or blending the two approaches?
  • What are some of the challenges of collaborating with others either in person or online? What are the challenges that stand in the way of effective collaboration? How might these challenges be resolved to promote effective and productive partnerships?

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