• Do you have abilities or a  skill set that you can teach to others? Might you share your knowledge drawn from experience?
  • Have you reflected on how you learn best? What can a teacher do to facilitate your learning? Have you compared how you learn to how others learn?
  • When preparing to teach others, how might you use this knowledge about learning to teach more effectively?
  • Have you considered the best way of sharing what you have to teach? In-person? Online? Formally? Informally?
  • Would teaching with someone else be advantageous?
  • What learning materials would be helpful to clarify your teaching? Will you need to produce (see Producer) them? If you find existing materials, will you need to seek permission to use them?
  • Have you worked collaboratively with peers on a team? Have you learned from friends and colleagues by working together and sharing the same goals and interests? Have you reflected on what you may have taught others during these team-based experiences?
  • Have you ever accessed an online site such as YouTube, WikiHow or Lifehacker to learn how to do something? Have you ever shared instructions, tips, or advice with others via social media sites? Have you reflected on how you may have learned from others online and how you may have taught others by sharing your own experiences?

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