Goals and Learning Objectives Translated

We would like to provide translations of the 2018 Goals and Learning Objectives into a variety of languages beyond the original English. We are grateful to those who have undertaken this work, or who are willing to do so. Links to additional translations will be added as they become available. Please note that there is a separate listing that contains translations into all of the official South African languages (coming soon).



Buts et Objectifs d’apprentissage

French translation by Florent Michelot


Zielsetzungen und Lernziele

German translation by Theresia Woltermann


Finalità e Obiettivi della Metalfabetizzazione

Italian translation by Damiano Orrù


Objetivos e Metas de Aprendizagem Para o Metaletramento

Portuguese translation by Maria Pinheiro

South African Official Languages


Metas y Objetivos de Aprendizaje de la Meta-alfabetización

Spanish translation by Dora Sales