• Do you see your role as someone who communicates consciously and conscientiously in a variety of forums?
  • When you have information to share, do you first check to determine how accurate it is?
  • Do you determine if what you would like to share is tailored to appeal to people with a particular point of view? Do you consider that if the viewpoint meshes with your own, you should check other sources to triangulate the information? Do you decide to go the extra step if it doesn’t mesh with your own views and check other sources too, rather than discounting it?
  • Do you consciously reflect on the people you will communicate with? Do you consider that being selective in your communication will cause recipients to value what you share?
  • Do you consider what modes of transmission will work best for your intended audience? What level of language? What format? Would they benefit from video, for example?
  • Do you consider cultural norms and values when sharing information globally?
  • Have you ever reflected on your communication style and the impact of how you deliver messages, in addition to the message itself?
  • Have you ever regretted any specific communication and thought later about how it could have been delivered in a more effective way? What did you learn from this experience?
  • Have you thought about the influence a particular mode of communication may have on the message itself? How might a particular technology impact communication that is transmitted or received?
  • How important is it for people to critically adapt to new forms of communication technologies and how is it possible to continuously keep up with the inevitable changes?
  • How are two-way forms of communication similar to and/or different from a network of connected participants? How might these different forms impact the messages delivered and received?

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