Join Us for the 3Ts conference at SUNY Empire State!

Registration for this year’s Transliteracy, Teaching and Technology Conference is still open! The event will be hosted by the SUNY Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning on March 15.

Sponsored by the college, the SUNY Librarians Association , and the SUNYLA Working Group on Information Literacy (WGIL) the goals of the 3Ts conferences are to prepare participants with new ways to engage their students, enrich their classes and broaden their perspective about 21st century teaching and learning.  This is an interactive conference that examines emerging literacy frameworks to address today’s Web 2.0 and social media environments.

This year’s conference will continue to explore the intersection of technology and transliteracy, but the scope of this year’s event is expanded to include K-12 educators to create a dialogue with faculty, librarians and instructional designers about 21st-century literacies.

Sue Thomas, an international scholar and author and research professor of New Media in the Institute of Creative Technologies, Faculty of Art, Design & Humanities at De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom, is this year’s keynote speaker.

Thomas will lead conversations about the theory and practice of emerging literacies, innovative technologies throughout a learner’s educational experience and the growing number of literacies all students need to succeed in today’s complex, information-rich academic and professional worlds.

To register and for more conference information visit

Presentations will be led by scholars and practitioners from Auburn University, SUNY Geneseo, the University of Manitoba, Buffalo State College, The University at Albany, California State University, St. Jerome’s University, and Empire State College.

Sessions will include:

§ creating virtual pathways for civic discussion

§ Using cloud conferencing to create opportunities for collaborative writing

§ discussing the SUNY Statewide Teacher and School Leader Education Network

§ understanding the role of transliteracy in the classroom.

Teaching digital fluency through immersive technologies

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