Metaliteracy in Practice

After reviewing the Metaliteracy Learning Objectives, please feel free to share activities or assignments you have created with the objectives in mind.

Ideas from the session at the 3Ts conference are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Metaliteracy in Practice

  1. Hello! I am writing a research article reporting on findings related to information literacy and social media in the classroom, and I’m using the metaliteracy framework in the Mackey and Jacobson (2011) article in C&RL in the discussion of my findings.

    I have a rather technical question about the framework as laid out in this 2011 article. In the second half of the article, called “Metaliteracy in Practice”, there are seven sections which make up the backbone of the framework. They appear in many of the slideshow presentations on this site (i.e., Understand Format Type and Delivery Mode, Evaluate User Feedback as Active Researcher, etc.). My question is, what is a noun you would use to describe these? I’ve been using “competency” in my notes, and am avoiding “standard” unless the authors indicate that is how they are conceiving of these seven activities. Upon further investigation on this site (which is just fantastic by the way) I see there are also Learning Goals/Objectives for metaliteracy, but while these echo and contain overlap with the seven activities in the 2011 article, they are not identical, and I am deliberately relying solely on the seven activities in the 2011 article in the discussion in my own article so as not to be confusing. Which is all to say…any suggestions on what to call these seven activities?

    I figured, why not just ask, instead of taking a shot in the dark. 🙂 And my apologies if they’ve been “named” in this way already in the research presented on this site: I have not had the privilege of attending any of these talks in person, so I am relying on combing the slideshows and of course the 2011 article I keep referencing, which only refers to the seven activities as “recommendations” just before the “Metaliteracy in Practice” section begins. Thank you for any insight you can provide!

  2. Hello Donna,
    Thank you very much for your message. We are delighted that you find the metaliteracy framework, and this site, useful. As you noted, the metaliteracy model is evolving as we, and others, work with it. Your use of “competency” for the seven sections is appropriate. As we consider the metacognitive aspects of metaliteracy, we would say that there is also the propensity to think about and do the seven items, which goes beyond the ability to do them. Your message gives us food for thought, and we would be happy to converse about this, should you care to.

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