Designing Learning Activities to Promote Metaliteracy

As part of Tom Mackey’s workshop at NELIG 2013, this short :30 video was created on the fly using the Animoto app on a smartphone. This was a quick and easy demo that showed the possibility of producing and sharing information in creative ways, either in the classroom or online. It is based on one of the tools used in the course Digital Storytelling at Empire State College. Workshop participants explored several questions in teams related to the challenges applying technology in Designing Learning Activities to Promote Metaliteracy.

Metaliteracy Presentation at Dartmouth College

Trudi Jacobson and Tom Mackey presented Reimagining Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy: Empowering Learners for Participation, Collaboration, and Reflection at the New England Library Instruction Group Annual Program at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.  Both presenters also conducted workshops: Trudi engaged participants in team-based learning with “What a Wonderful World: What Team-based Learning Brings to Metaliteracy Instruction” and Tom led a discussion on “Designing Learning Activities to Promote Metaliteracy” in blended and online learning environments.